What to Expect in a Sacred Lomi Session

“Acceptance is the currency of love.”

  • Your Sacred Lomi session will take place in a comforting, calm, clean, and well-heated space with a brief intake.

  • Personal intention setting entails selecting from a set of Hawaiian Healing Intention cards prior and post session. These are designed to help you live a more intentional life. 

  • A word about draping: Lomi draping is often shown on the internet as very minimal.  It is true that for some of the strokes more of the body is exposed than in Swedish or Sports massage, however draping is always respectful, and in compliance with local rules. See draping informed consent for more information.

  • Music is played to lull the mind into surrender and transport the recipient into a trance like space. Hawaiian and rhythmic/melodic music with little to no words will permeate and charge the experience.

  • Each session is introduced by Flying, a shamanic movement dance infused with breath. The movement crosses the left and right body and opens/accelerates energy. It is a way of aligning with the energy of Sacred Lomi, the higher self and the recipient. This Hawaiian dance is the fundamental platform of all Sacred Lomi strokes.

  • Sacred Lomi strokes are patterned after the ocean and wind. They can be fluid head to toe movements embracing the flow of total energy. Combined with nurturing aloha sacred touch, they relax the entire being and assist in letting go of old beliefs patterns.

  • Breath is used for clearing, infusing into oil, moving chi, and energizing spirit and mana back into your life. 

  • Reiki is used to anchor and integrate new energy. It aids in entering a meditative healing state and soothes the nervous system. If you’ve never received energy work, Sacred Lomi is a perfect fusion of both energy and massage. 

  • Rite of Passage: This work opens energy centers, awakens the light body and new ways of seeing the world. Touch is nurturing and both light and deep. Client may experience visions or may simply go into a trance like healing state. All experiences are valid and honored. Recipient need only to breathe and receive. It is important to remember that Sacred Lomi does not seek to "fix" any specific thing, but in working on the entire being, the idea is that any specific issue will have been addressed.

  • Ritual/Ceremony/Initiation: Three powerful words. This is exactly what makes Sacred Lomi so transformational. It begins by honoring the client as a sacred being on an altar. We are always dying to the old while being born to the new. As such it is important to honor our journey and acknowledge our distinct imprint. In simple acceptance of being we allow desires of life to spring forth and merge with the wellbeing of all.

  • MAKIA: Energy flows where attention goes. Focus is on deep presence and listening.  When attention is perfect it creates order and clarity out of chaos and confusion. It is perfectly okay to be who you are and not have people understand you and still so natural to crave acceptance. The idea is to remain in a state of constant departure while always arriving. This is known as presence. The therapist takes a moment to thank the recipient for being here, acknowledges their journey and unique essence; allowing the energy of aloha to enter the space.

  • ALOHA: By holding a space of 100% acceptance and presence, I am offering true definition of love and aloha. Held within this space is the remembrance that you are worthy of love and you are enough. Aloha, presence and acceptance create safety. It is safety that provides an environment where transformation and evolution can occur.