Universal Truths

Bringing Love, Acceptance and Awareness to your Ancestral Line Shifts your DNA and Shifts all Life Going Forward.

  • Embracing and Allowing Yourself to be YOU (physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually) Expands and Enlightens Your Relationship with Your Soul

  • Your Intention and What you Focus on Matters. Everything you Think, Do, Feel and Love Matters! AND is left as an Imprint on the Planet and Through Your Lineage

  • You are Always One with Your Soul and the Entire Universe. You are a Divine Being. Your Number One Job is to Stay Pono – in alignment – with all Who You Are.

Shamanic Truths

Ike: The World is What You Think It Is
Kala: There Are No Limits
Makia: Energy Flows Where Attention Goes
Manawa: Now Is The Moment of Power
Aloha: To Love Is To Be Happy With
Mana: All Power Comes From Within
Pono: Effectiveness Is the Measure of Truth


Through Ho’ oponopono

We Clear the Pathways
Empty our Vessel
Align with Divinity
Embody Light, Love and Authenticity for Ourselves
And Our Entire Lineage
Backwards & Forwards Through Time!
And So It Is!

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