Linda Jurca

My journey began with my own body movement and spiritual practices of gymnastics and Yoga. I received puzzle pieces of my calling at an early age and the remaining pieces happily fell into place with focus on self-development. Growth is our eternal destiny. We are doing it whether it’s conscious or subconscious. When I first experienced Sacred Lomi, it was as if the light turned on and my heart was flooded with joy. This was my calling. 

I was drawn to Sacred Lomi because it isn’t simply a modality. It is a way of life. Life lived with Aloha. Holding Aloha for someone requires holding Aloha for yourself and that is incredibly transforming and beautiful. Aloha is the type of energy one exudes when they are holding a baby. It demands deep presence, listening and acceptance for all that is. The power of this work is like an initiation into your authentic self. 

Part of Sacred Lomi’s gift lies in nonverbal processing and the entrance into a trance like meditative state. It can mimic a floating in water sensation. Consciousness is not separate from the body. We feel the extension of this when we experience stress from negative thoughts and forget to fully breathe. The mind is a complicated instrument designed for creating, but it can also appear to turn on us at a trigger. 

Verbal therapy definitely has its benefits, but without focus and the utmost care it can strengthen the neuroconnections of becoming retriggered.  It’s been proven at least 88% of ailments start in the mind. Treating the mind with the mind is no longer enough. Through Sacred Lomi the recipient is invited to lose track of the mind through oceanic and figure eight like strokes. 

This opens the door to the meditative heart space; unleashing all its healing properties. The root of the word courage is “cor” – the Latin word for heart and why it seems so elusive at times. The heart is the first organ to form when the body is developing in utero and is the connection between all future systems in the body. It explains why the heart is said to be the center of your being. It is the main doorway between your soul and the physical body. Much like the heart sends blood to all parts of the body so can the heart send energy to all parts of the body. 

Sacred Lomi is like a homecoming to your higher self. In the shamanic sense, a calling back of all that is yours and releasing what no longer serves. The process allows for the recipient’s authentic self and soul energy to return to ‘pono’, full alignment. 

I am proud to spread the rich lineage of Hawaii. I welcome all ages and diverse backgrounds. Together we can guide the body into its natural harmonic state. I look forward to holding sacred space for you.

When I'm not working, I love exploring nature, reading, drawing, Yoga, dancing, music, supporting the arts, and being with family and friends. I love a good meal and enjoy discovering new restaurants. I'm originally from Prague, CZ and have been living in Seattle since 1985.

Primary Modalities:
- sacred lomi
- reiki

Secondary Modalities:
-deep tissue
- swedish relaxation
- neuromuscular therapy
- myofascial release
- structural integration
- trigger point work
- sports massage
- injury treatment
- restorative yoga
- bamboo massage
- gua sha
- chair massage
- craniosacral therapy
- ashiatsu

Therapeutic Areas of Interest:
- thai yoga massage
- prenatal and postpartum support
- crystal healing
- meditation/breathwork
- spring forest qi gong

- Sacred Lomi training, Seattle, WA
- Reiki Master, Seattle, WA
- Yoga Teacher Training, Prague, CZ
- Touch for Health Level IV, Seattle, WA
- Massage Therapy Program, Cortiva Institute, Seattle, WA