Linda Jurca

My journey began at an early age with my own body movement practices and inner passion for the healing arts.  As a young girl I was drawn to gymnastics and then transitioned into my own Yoga practice. In 2000 I became a Reiki master followed by a trip to my hometown Prague where I obtained a 270hr Yoga teacher certificate.  Yoga was my entrance into meditation and breathwork and Reiki opened up the world of fine-tuned energetics. The natural next step was to bridge it all with massage in 2012.

I offer various modalities based on each unique session. My background is highly technical with focus on injury assessment/treatment, structural integration, neuromuscular therapy, myofascial release, sports massage and orthopedic massage. I don’t underestimate the value of a good swedish relaxation massage which can lower stress levels. I use energy to free up pathways to revitalize organs, awaken spirit and support your emotional wellbeing.  Yoga stretches and soothing visualizations to aid in slowing down the nervous system are mindfully woven in, resulting in a full body and mind dynamic experience!

I believe in creating a safe and relaxing environment that eases the nervous system into its naturally effortless state of healing.  I also work at a tissue specific level sinking in without force. I’ve been told I have hands of steal, but comfort level and not going past what the body can handle is my utmost priority.  My personal goal is to create ease and body awareness in your daily activities. I believe the body has its own timeline and I work with its innate wisdom. The success of what you do lies in how you do it and what space you are coming from. I connect from heart space awareness using training, intuition and client feedback. I welcome all ages and diverse backgrounds. Together we can guide the body into its natural harmonic state. I look forward to working with you!

When I’m not working I love walking around Greenlake or any body of water. I’m into exploring nature, reading, drawing, Yoga, dancing, music, supporting the arts, and most of my time is spent with my lovely daughter Leah. I love a good meal and enjoy discovering new restaurants. I’m originally from Prague, CZ and have been in Seattle since 1985. If I could replicate my grandma’s cooking I would open a Czech restaurant too!

Primary Modalities:
- deep tissue
- swedish relaxation
- reiki
- neuromuscular therapy
- myofascial release
- structural integration
- trigger point work
- sports massage
- injury treatment
- restorative yoga
- bamboo massage
- gua sha
- chair massage

Therapeutic Areas of Interest:
- lomi lomi
- thai yoga massage
- prenatal massage
- craniosacral therapy
- ashiatsu
- crystal healing
- meditation/breathwork
- spring forest qi gong

- Reiki Master, Seattle, WA
- Yoga Teacher Training, Prague, CZ
- Touch for Health Level IV, Seattle, WA
- Massage Therapy Program, Cortiva Institute, Seattle, WA