Laura Aldaine

It is my life's work to extend peace. To this end, all my sessions are focused on accessing presence, awareness, and individual integrity. 

My bodywork is slow and progressive: depth builds session over session as your body comes to trust my touch, and I come to know your body. To honor the body’s process, I focus on precision rather than force to provide touch that feels like healing.

I prefer providing two hour sessions. I find more time encourages more complete engagement with the mind-body connection and provides me the opportunity to work more deeply in the body.

Primary Modalities:
- tui na / acupressure
- deep tissue
- myofascial release
- shiatsu
- craniosarcal therapy
- chakra balancing
- hatha yoga

Therapeutic Areas of Interest:
- mindfulness & meditation
- creative development
- post traumatic stress disorder
- anxiety & depression
- existential process refinement
- nonviolent communication techniques

- Teacher Training, Hatha Yoga Center, Seattle, WA
- Biodynamic Craniosacral Series, Seattle, WA
Myofascial Release & Functional Anatomy Series, San Francisco, CA
- Massage Therapy Program, emphasis in eastern traditional modalities, Healing Hands School of Holsitic Health, Escondido, CA
- Bachelor of Science in Communications, Boston University, Boston, MA