Laura Aldaine

It is my life's work to extend peace. To this end, all my sessions are focused on accessing presence, awareness, and individual integrity.  I believe when we make the body a safer place to be, the world becomes a safer place as well.

My bodywork is slow and progressive: depth builds session over session as your body comes to trust my touch, and I come to know your body. To honor the body’s process, I focus on precision rather than force to provide touch that feels like healing.

I prefer long sessions. I find more time encourages more complete engagement with the mind-body connection and provides me the opportunity to work more deeply and impactfully.

Primary Modalities:
- acupressure
- myofascial release
- shiatsu
- tui na
- craniosarcal therapy
- visceral manipulation
- deep tissue
- guided meditation

Therapeutic Areas of Interest:
- mindfulness & meditation
- creative development & sustainability
- post traumatic stress disorder
- anxiety & depression
- existential process refinement
- nonviolent communication techniques

- (in progress) Doctorate of Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine, Seattle Institute of East Asian Medicine, Seattle, WA
- Teacher Training, Hatha Yoga CenterSeattle, WA
- Biodynamic Craniosacral Series, Seattle, WA
Myofascial Release & Functional Anatomy Series, San Francisco, CA
- Massage Therapy Program, emphasis in eastern traditional modalities, Healing Hands School of Holsitic HealthEscondido, CA
- Bachelor of Science in Communications, Boston UniversityBoston, MA