Kyra Mirante

After years of using deep tissue and Swedish massage techniques, I found that Myofascial Therapy produced more measurable results for my clients. Drawing from the theories and practices of Ida Rolf's Structural Integration (Rolfing), myofascial therapy treats fascia - the connective tissue that weaves through and around our entire body- in addition to muscle. In order to engage and mobilize these tissues, I use very little oil, and often ask for client movement. The work is patient and slow, allowing for gradual release in the superficial and deeper tissues. 

For each session I ask that you wear athletic shorts, and for women, a comfortable bra for a postural assessment. I’ll have you stand up a couple times during the session to observe the shifting sensations in the body. Although different from relaxation massage, most of my clients report feeling a sense of lightness and ease after each session that promotes tranquility and well being. People often experience increased range of motion and diminished pain hours and even days after the session. Through a collaboration of my hands-on work and your own awareness and movement between sessions, we can release postural holding patterns that lead to dysfunction and pain.

Everyone should consider monthly maintenance sessions, but if you have chronic pain or limitation, it is best to rebook within two weeks. We will design a treatment plan together that works for your body and your wallet! 

If you are more interested in learning about fascia, take a look at this video, The Fuzz Speech by Dr. Gill Hedley:

Other Modalities:
- Egoscue Method Postural Therapy
- Breathing Dysfunction Relief
- Relaxation massage
- Reiki

- Egoscue Mentorship, current
- Reiki Level I, 2017
- CORE Myofascial Therapy (Sports Massage/Injury Prevention), 2016
- Synergetic Myofascial Therapy, 2013
- Northwest Academy for the Healing Arts, 2012