Informed Draping Consent

Clients voluntarily consent to receive full body, therapeutic massage from Linda Jurca, LMP, within the specifications listed and chosen below. 

Clients are aware and informed that (a) the intent of the massage is therapeutic and not sexual, and (b) both client and therapist have the right to: 

  • discontinue the entire massage session, or any part of the session, at any time and for any reason  

  • request the massage to be given through a drape rather than directly on the body, at any time for any reason 

General Draping Considerations
Sessions begin with client fully nude, covered by a sheet and positioned on the table face down. Undraping follows: genitals and gluteal cleft below the tip of the tailbone are always draped using a secure diaper method.

Prior to client turning from face down to face up a full coverage sheet is provided. The undraping process begins again once the client is switched to face up using the secure diaper method.

Verbal check ins are included during the massage for safety purposes.

A typical linen bottom sheet is not used and replaced with a spa drape to accommodate Sacred Lomi techniques.

Descriptions of Breast & Chest Draping
The following two options are typical draping procedures for Sacred Lomi. Please inform your therapist of your desired draping level.

  •  Minimal draping, full chest/breast un-draped:  Broad sweeping strokes are administered surrounding the breast tissue. Nipples & alveolar tissue are not treated and every attempt is made to avoid direct contact with breast tissue. Focus is on muscle attached to sternum and ribs.

  •  Moderate draping, full chest/breast draped: A pillow case or medium sized towel is used for chest draping, exposing only abdominal area. Accommodations are made to avoid all breast tissue and focus is on muscle attached to sternum and ribs.

Accommodations are always provided if clients would prefer additional coverage:

  • Conservative draping: Chest/breast remain covered at all times and only smaller sections of the body are worked on and uncovered.  Long full body strokes are not administered with conservative draping.

  • Full draping: massage given through a drape rather than directly on body for any reason. Long full body strokes are not administered with full draping.

For cases of additional accommodations, please notify your therapist prior to the start of the therapeutic session. All reasons are valid and respected.