are you a body worker with a private practice?


The Healer's Guild is a quarterly gathering of independent practitioners of touch-based healing arts working in the greater Seattle area.  

Private practice is deeply rewarding, but it can also be lonely. Through this project, we hope to inspire each other and foster an ongoing network of compassionate support outside of trade and continuing education.

We offer heartfelt discussions of the joys and challenges of our quiet work. 

Topics may include client management, practice ethics, business and marketing strategies, technical concerns, and the long-view of our craft.  We welcome the voices of all beings, all modalities, and all experience levels.  

Meetings are free of cost and are usually held on Monday afternoons in the city for approximately two hours. Our 2018 meeting months are February, May, August, and November.  To receive full details for our upcoming meetings, fill out the form below.


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