Your Process & Your Perfection

Your Process & Your Perfection

You are already complete. Your perfection is apparent. Your loveliness is unparalleled. I see this in each of you - yes, even you - as we spend time together. But somehow you don't see in you what I see in you. You see yourself as broken, you see yourself as insufficient, you see yourself as not-quite-yet... How do I know you're already perfect when you feel like you have so far to go?

The magic is in the context.

Most of us view life as a series of lessons. We're here to learn. Here to grow. We may evolve or we may stagnate. We are baby birds finding our wings. We may fly or we may fail. We may graduate and go on to other forms, or we may resume our studies in another body. Life as a university is a useful metaphor, but it belittles your inheritance as a human. You aren't here to learn anything. You already know everything!

But, you say, how is this the case that I already know everything? I don't know about astrophysics, I don't know about poetry, I don't know about the history of Argentina!

You're quite right. There are specific worldly areas of knowledge you lack. But you know the process of discovery, which means no knowing is barred from you. And that is where your perfection lives.  

We descend from a long lineage. All of humanity is a family of brothers and sisters. And all manner of experience lives in the ancestral memory of our DNA. Our blood remembers. It may not know what to do with the data, but the data is there.

Moreover, our thoughts, our consciousness, are connected to the consciousness of everyone around us and all their experiences. As connective tissue weaves the muscles and bones of your body together, so does our collective knowing weave us into a peaceful unity, a continuous band of knowledge.

We see this laid bare with the Internet. How often have you thought of something and then seen a post about it a few days or weeks later? This is a way of accessing all knowledge. This is the process of coming into awareness. It's realizing you already have all the information you need to succeed. All the data all humans have collected is available for your consumption - both in the material sense and the spiritual one.

The rub is that few of us remember what it feels like to know everything and have our current body at the same time.  This is the work of the masters of experience, our great figures in history. Self-actualization is the process of coming to contain your multitudes comfortably in a single body.

What all masters realize is that you do not need to hold all this data at once to believe you know it. Some call this faith. Some call it trust. Other call it self-assurance. Whatever we call it, it is our source of power: we simply need to know how to access it, and we already do! We do this externally, materially, in variety of ways. We do this internally as well. This data is the wellspring we tap into when we get very quiet and very still. There is a great sense of rest and peace in this place. 

Knowing this, we begin to get the hang of things in life. We are playing dualistic limbo, balancing what we know and we don't. What's a human to do with life then?

Compare data.

Imagine all you've ever done for infinity is play football. But you don't know it's called football. Someone comes along and tells you, "Oh, you're playing football!" You respond very humanly, "Of course I am! I've been doing this for eternity! What do you think I'm an idiot?" But truly, deeply, you're grateful, because at that moment you remembered the data called football.

All it took was someone else to remind you. And here is an important caveat: often confirmation, often the needed data, only comes from relation. The relativity, the relations to others, is integral to our collective awareness of our perfection.  This is why there is more than one of us: we are each embodying all that we know and sharing.  

As is becoming clear, I do not view life as a university or a fun study abroad course. I view life as a laboratory. It is a stage on which we test our assumptions. We are not committed to outcomes. We are not supposing our hypothesis will test true. We are simply experimenting. 

As we demonstrate everything we collectively already know, we naturally extend our creative potential. Existence is the opportunity to put our theoretical knowledge into a felt experience. It is the gift of walking our talk.

Time, space and matter have conspired to give us every opportunity and every tool we need to make exactly the life we've imagined. We want to experience - experiment with - a life of happiness and fortune? Done. We want to experience a life of pain? Well, here you go! All there is to do is choose to give ourselves permission to direct our own lives. When we believe in ourselves, and trust that we have what we need to complete our experiment, all things are possible.

This is why you seem a marvel to me! I watch each of you play with your reality and bring into your days experiences influenced by the consciousness within you. Your joys, your worries. Here’s the truth: you have already won "the game" of life at its most fundamental level. This is because it is not a winning game. It is a demonstration. You complete your life purpose already by being here. You do this just by being you, whoever that you is today.

Once you know this, it's how you dance the dance that becomes interesting. 

When you realize all you're doing is expressing, life sweetens. It becomes about creating without abandon or fear. You being to focus on creating with joy. With pizazz. With gumption. For what have we to fear? As we've said, we already contain it all - love, hate, laughter, anger, salvation, murder - do you really think there are any surprises left?

The only secret of our heart is the part that whispers, you're more, you're everything, you can be whatever you want to be! We all hear this steady voice within, but we often ignore it’s message. We've feigned naivete, skirted the ownership and responsibility of living to our fullest potential. Why did we decide the rest of us weren’t worthy of our magnificence? We need it, we need you, we need each other so thoroughly!

There is so much around us that tells us to be little, to play small, to keep it to ourselves. Boundaries are necessary considerations, but expression is too. There is a way to be fully yourself that does not require you to diminish others. As we find that way, we find comfort in our capacity to exhibit compassion.

The time has come to give up our concealment. No longer is it okay to hide our hope, our joy, our integrity so others will be more comfortable in their suffering. Instead allow your comfort with yourself, with your light, teach others to be comfortable accessing all that goodness in themselves.

Here is the opportunity to lead by example. Here is how we effect change. Each human who comes into the understanding of their own completion brings us all toward understanding and contentment. With contentment comes even greater creation. 

When we see our equality with all others and reflect that unity outward, we begin to dismantle the restraints of intuitions and stale ideas. When we are our present with compassion, we are able to allow others to be present and open with us. We find balance and serve as an example, we do it all the time without acknowledging it or giving ourselves credit.

Own your place as a leader, as a teacher.  Own your process without shame. Experience your process whatever it is on any given day, and improve what you don't like about it! Do this for the good of the individual and the collected experience. 

But I suffer, you say. I feel pain. I hurt and ache and cry!

Yes. You do! I do too. We all do. Sometimes big and sometimes small. And that is the story we're each living out. Would a story be interesting if nothing happened? No! So don't shy away from the pain, the trails, the tribulations - unless you want to, then go right ahead and move beyond them! It is all a choice. We write the story.

If we decide to tell a different tale, things will change. Each of us has the opportunity to craft the narrative of our life and the collective narrative of our time. All we have to do is believe in each other as I believe in you. All we have to do is work together to hold onto our most loving thought patterns.  

Our thoughts become words, and our words become deeds. If you want happiness, justice, and freedom fro all, dedicate yourself to choosing thoughts, words, and deeds that serve not only you, but every living being, and you'll begin to see in every other the light you know exists within yourself. It is the same light within each of us, the light of love. With practice, you'll come to see you as I see you: in process, radiant and benevolent, entirely sinless, entirely lovely.

Overthinking Thinking

Overthinking Thinking