Ally Parks

After 15+ years of competitive and performance dance, Ally found yoga as a means to rework and heal many dance related injuries and negative physical health patterns. With a passion for somatic healing, anatomy, and dance, a private yoga session with Ally is trauma and injury informed physical therapy. Utilizing intelligent asana sequencing and breath to achieve greater depths of feeling and healing, Ally sets a safe container of Divine space and ceremony for her clients. Ally uses many tools in this process including Tibetan singing bowls, Tibetan tingsha bells and quartz crystal singing bowls to activate the Theta wave frequency in the brain rendering clients in a deep state of relaxation and meditation. 

Ally offers yoga for healing injuries, trauma informed somatic therapy, creative visualization meditations, astro/tarot advice and life coaching. 

Primary Modalities
Forrest yoga
- shiatsu
- sound healing
- creative visulaization
- hatha yoga

Therapeutic Areas of Interest:
- queer, trans and POC clients
- post traumatic stress disorder
- injury recovery
- personal identity development
- cosmology & energy patterning

- The Little Volcano’s School of Bizcraft and Coachery
- 200hr Personal Self Mastery + Forrest Yoga program with Gianna Carotenuto
20hr Functional Anatomy program with Ellen Heed
- Body/Mind Awareness and Pranayama with William Crowell
- 200hr Forrest Yoga Teacher Training with Ana Forrest