Building Ritual: 30 Day Challenge

What it’s For
Consistency is the key to personal growth. Providing a safe container for yourself allows you to flourish, but the only way to make your life safe is to be safe for yourself. We have to show up each day and meet our own needs. Nobody else is going to meet them for us - and we won’t have to depend on others to fill our cup if we fill our own. This challenge is oriented toward cultivating a set of daily rituals that empower you to be the greatest version of yourself.

How to Play
Below you’ll find seven categories of self-care with suggestions for self-care activities within those categories. Each of these is related to a sensed human need - our need for connection, our need for meaning, our need for creativity, etc. Our suggestions are just that, suggestions!

There are several ways to play this challenge:

  1. For beginners in self-care, select one activity from one category and commit to doing that activity every day for 30 days.

  2. For those with an established pattern of self-care, select more than one category. Still limit yourself to one activity per category, and commit to doing those activities daily for 30 days.

  3. For those with advanced self-care practices, try committing to a 7x7 challenge. That’s one activity for every category, daily, for seven weeks, or 49 days.

Ritual 30d Challenge Ideas.jpg

You cannot fail this challenge. Any efforts toward building ritual in our day-to-day lives empowers us to meditate on what serves us and what doesn’t.

Even if you only succeed in making time or space for your activity once a week, that’s still once more than you’ve been doing it. If we keep practicing, we learn what’s important to us. This allows us to show up for ourselves and others more completely.

To help you keep track of your challenge progress, we’ve created a printable 30 day challenge tracker, which you can download here. (You could also mark your progress on a wall calendar.)

The somatic experience of ticking a box makes you feel that much better about good habits. Print out one challenge tracker per activity goal, and tape the sheet up on a wall in your house or on your fridge. Everyday you complete the activity, check your box. You did it! Keep going! Seeing the boxes fill up slowly but surely helps motivate us to continue in our self-care.

Good luck, and let us know if or how the Ritual 30 day challenge serves you!