Massage Therapy

Develop physical awareness and reduce chronic suffering with customized bodywork sessions at Ritual. We offer both injury treatment and relaxation work. Guided breath work is an important aspect of these sessions. With our breath, we can see life's shifting nature echoed in our body, and we become more comfortable surfing the unceasing current of experience. This allows us to be more fully ourselves. 


Energetic bodywork (reiki, craniosacral therapy, and shiatsu) takes a top down approach to healing. Rather than working deeply in the flesh of the physical body,  energywork sessions set a resonance or tone in the body's extended field.  These gentle forms of bodywork soothe the nervous system, relax the body into a deeper state of recovery, and offer us the opporutnity to passively access transpersonal meditative states. 

Mindfulness Training

Tap into the wisdom of the ages to apply new and personally relevant information to the task of knowing the Self: these intuitive coaching sessions explore concepts around mindfulness, consciousness, and self-discovery. Using various symbolic systems and tools, we'll find your zen and investigate the deeper layers of your embodied experience to help you on your path to life mastery and self-actualization. 

Private Yoga

Unfold within: find strength and flexibility or recover from injuries with one-on-one yoga therapy sessions. Yoga as therapy soothes what ails in body and soul while correcting posture-eroding patterns of muscular holding and unlocking the body’s potential. Each session is customized to meet your ability and energy level. We move at the pace that works best for you and offer gentle adjustments along the way. 

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